Richard Gorman Heralds Firefox 17 Breakthrough

Rich GormanAs an online innovator and technology enthusiast, Richard Gorman always has his ear to the ground and his finger on the pulse of the tech world. He knows a breakthrough when he sees one, and he is never one to shy away from full-on celebration when a groundbreaking piece of technology arrives. Recently, the development team at Mozilla has rolled out the latest and greatest version of its Web browser, Firefox 17—and the new incarnation of Firefox has already received the enthusiastic blessing of Mr. Gorman.

What’s Different?

After 17 different versions of Firefox, you might wonder how much the new model could possibly depart from the old one. There are plenty of little perks and tweaks to make the new Firefox stand out. What matters the most to the average tech enthusiast—and what matters the most to Mr. Gorman—is Mozilla’s new Social API.

What is the Social API? Effectively, it is a means by which users of the Mozilla browser can create toolbars, sidebars, or chat windows for all of their favorite social media sites. These toolbars and sidebars are persistent. Say, for example, that you are addicted to your Facebook messenger. You can keep the Facebook messenger open at all times, without having to have a separate tab for it; you can see your Facebook messages even while on another website.

Crucially, the new Firefox is all about customizable social media integration. In other words, it is not just for Facebook. You can use the same technology to access your Twitter feed, your favorite blog subscriptions, even online news services.

Why the Change?

Mozilla has said that the change was inspired by the way individuals use the browser. Generally, users close out of their non-social website tabs when they are done reading them, but they navigate back and forth to social media sites constantly. Mozilla believes its new Social API will add greater convenience.

What it Means for Marketers

According to Richard Gorman, however, the new face of Firefox is not just important for individuals. It is also an important development for online marketing professionals. Simply put, the new Firefox makes social networking more pervasive—closer to omnipresent—than ever before. Marketers can note that users may become less and less prone to following up with non-social Web pages, but, their interest in social media sites does not seem likely to change soon, according to Richard Gorman.

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