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According to Richard Gorman, there is a new social network in town, and it stands to shake things up in a big way.


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Richard Gorman: Tech Addict

Richard GormanAs a long-time online entrepreneur—and a true trailblazer of the Internet Age—Richard Gorman is nothing if not zealous for technology. He is always on top of the latest and greatest advances in social networking, blog platforms, mobile search capabilities, and more. He regularly opines about new developments, and is never reluctant to herald the Next Big Thing. (In making these proclamations, we should add, Gorman is seldom wrong!)

That Mr. Gorman would have such a keen interest in technology, and prove so vocal in discussing it, is no great surprise. This is a man who started at the bottom of the Internet molehill, and quickly worked his way to the top. More than ten years into a prolific career, this serial entrepreneur is widely regarded as a pioneer and as a true leader. You just do not get to that level of authority and repute without keeping up with the latest trends.

And there are plenty of trends to keep up with, including the latest developments in search, in social, and in online reputation management. All of these topics lead back to the true realm of Gorman’s expertise, which is direct response marketing. Here again, he is an innovator—one step ahead of the curve, always.

About Direct Response

Direct Response is the name of Gorman’s personal brand, devoted to all things related to affiliate marketing. It is not just a brand, however. It is also a blog—and as a blogger, Gorman has blazed plenty of trails. Indeed, though blogs are now all too common, there was a time when blogging was a fairly new enterprise; Gorman played a significant role in shaping the blogging world as we know it today.

A big part of Gorman’s innovation resides in his willingness—nay, his insistence—for collaboration. He is an A-list player who understands that success comes only by surrounding himself with other A-list players—professionals who are just as smart and as savvy as he is, and who will keep him on his toes. This much is evident in the way the Direct Response blog works.

Indeed, it is not just a megaphone for Gorman himself, though, for sure, he makes his thoughts known. No, Direct Response is sort of a think-tank. It is the ultimate Dream Team of affiliate marketing pros, gathered together to offer invaluable insights into how the industry works. They are always on top of the latest trends—and naturally, Richard would not have it any other way.

Intelligent Design

Gorman is an innovator when it comes to blogging—but he is also an envelope-pusher when it comes to design. This is another area in which he is ahead of the curve, plain and simple. A lot of folks in his line of work think that things like design and aesthetics are beside the point—that they are, in fact, distractions from the quick and dirty work of online marketing.

Richard says this is totally untrue—and in fact, one of his enduring legacies is showing the affiliate marketing world just how vital good design really is. This is one of the foremost lessons that he shares with any and all new marketers: An investment in a sleek, professional, top-notch Website design is an investment that will pay huge dividends.

Tech AddictWhy is this? Because a good design tells a story. The design of your site provides the context for whatever offers you are marketing—and it lets consumers know whether you are ultimately respectable, or just a hack. A good design is priceless, both for branding purposes and for general online reputation.

Reputation Matters

Speaking of which, Gorman is also one of the foremost voices on the online reputation defense front. He is someone who knows from experience how much it stings to get attacked and defamed, just because you’ve gotten successful and your competitors are trying to tear you down. As such, he advocates robust reputation defense tactics for anyone who is serious about affiliate marketing.

The bottom line is that, in this day and age, online reputation is the new word of mouth. Whatever you are selling, people will not want to buy it if they do not think you are honest and legitimate. That’s why online reputation management is of the essence—something Gorman has said for years and years.

Secrets to Success

There are still other ways in which Richard is a trailblazer, and a true online authority. He is a leader on the guest posting front, for example. He is someone who has said, from the beginning, that reaching out to like-minded bloggers and sharing guest post opportunities is one of the best ways to build authority and cultivate important relationships on the Internet.

This sounds simple on the face of it, but the truth is that blogger outreach is tough work, and guest posting campaigns difficult to orchestrate. Gorman offers advice to those seeking blogger outreach opportunities, on his own Direct Response blog and via other venues. He knows the best strategies for networking with other bloggers, and the best ways to pen blog entries that really do the trick.

Insider Information

Indeed, Gorman is someone who understands that, at the end of the day, the best way to establish yourself as a trustworthy and authoritative presence is to give the people what they need—something of real value. This is something he does, day in and day out, via his Direct Response blog. He gives away insider information and trade secrets, the kinds of specific advice that stands to revolutionize the tactics of veteran and novice marketers alike. To date, Gorman and his DR team have given away countless millions of dollars in trade secrets—so naturally, the DR blog is a must-read for anyone and everyone in the direct response world!

And in many ways, this is what characterizes Richard Gorman’s approach to business more broadly. His passion is for contributing value to other companies—and in doing so, he proves his own authority and his own expertise. Indeed, in the direct response marketing arena, few are as authoritative or as experienced as Richard Gorman.

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direct response review

Aug 23, 2013 by Anonymous

Rich know direct response inside and out. I always rely on his thought leadership in this space.

Aug 22, 2013 by Anonymous

As a person who is always on the pulse, I rely on Rich and this site to keep me in the know. Keep up the great work Rich!

Aug 22, 2013 by Anonymous

This has been a very helpful article. I've found that design plays a big role in the company I own so I'm glad you share the same views. I look forward to seeing more from you!

Consulting Review

Aug 21, 2013 by Anonymous

Rich helped us build out our sales floor and build our systems. He built an all new system that is easy to mamange, data drivent and effective. Thanks Rich

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